About Our Company

We are Tennessee Drug and Alcohol located in the Blount County Area in Alcoa, Tennessee. We have been in business for 21 years and provide quality Drug and Alcohol Testing, DNA Testing, Blood Draw Collections, and we offer numerous Training Classes , in the surrounding Eastern Region of Tennessee . Dr. Miller our founder and former CEO instructed over 2,000 medical students on drug and alcohol collections.

Our office also serves as a Walk-In Collection Site for Drug and Alcohol Testing, Paternity/DNA Testing, Blood Draws, Random Drug Screen Draws in addition to our Consortium services. We provide the highest quality of service with our qualified personnel and the lowest cost to our clients.

We provide on the spot Drug and Alcohol Testing with immediate results within seven minutes for NON Federal Testing and Federal protocol for Regulated Drug and Alcohol Testing. We accept all walk-ins without an appointment if your company has signed an agreement (company information), prior to sending the employee to us. We strive to have your employees is in and out, within twenty minutes.

We provide services to the following Knoxville Emergency Rooms: UT, St. Mary's, Mercy Hospitals, Fort Sanders Regional, and Fort Sanders Park West. We also provide a Mobile Service to several industries in the surrounding areas for Training and on site Drug and Alcohol Testing. We will go to court with you if you have a litigation problem.